Workshop OCEANS @ KDD 2018

Opinions, Conflict, and Abuse in a Networked Society (OCEANS) is an ACM SIGKDD 2018 workshop that we are co-organizing. It is going to take place in London, UK, on August 20, 2018.

Description: Disruptive technological innovations affect what lies at the heart of the fabric of our society: how people interact with each other, what they think to be true or false, and what they value as right or wrong. Indeed, concepts such as post-truth-society, filter bubbles, and echo chambers are very recent terms, and online social interactions have proven more prone to abusive and anti-social behaviors than real-world interactions. While we are starting to see the challenges posed by the pervasive adoption of these technologies, society has no answers yet.

We contend that answers to these new challenges will require a transdisciplinary approach, involving social scientists, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, as well as close collaboration between academic researchers, industry practitioners, and relevant government agencies. This workshop is targeted at the KDD community, and aims to chart out the area from a KDD perspective, while bringing in insights from other areas and sharing state-of the-art technologies and best practices.

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